Things I’ve Pondered On The Journey — 6 Comments

  1. i might have another thing to add to my list after tuesday. a couple of months ago, my labs were bad…blood sugar and cholesterol. i was supposed to work them the past 3 months and didn’t do very well. i’m dreading tuesday:( ugh!

    • Martha, I’ll be praying for good results. Even if they aren’t what you’d hope, you can still keep moving in the right direction.

    • Thanks for reading Lisa. My posts have been somewhat few and far between, but I will finish this series. It’s tax season at the office, and my mother is on in-home hospice care so I split the care with her among my sisters. Thank you for being here.

    • That’s such a great thing to ponder Serene. I often lose sight of the long-term goal. Thank you for stopping by!

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