You Are More Than A Number — 6 Comments

  1. Amen! I am learning this as I have gained weight from the RA medications I have had to try. And even that weighs me down sometimes too, the “number” of how many different medications my body has rejected. But these are such good thoughts: I am so much more than what those numbers might point to. Jesus sees the true heart. Thank you Barbie!

    • It is so true that medications cause so many issues with our body. It’s hard to find the balance. Thankful you are encouraged.

  2. Ironically, your title and words work for my Enneagram series too, Barbie. We are so much more than a number. Grateful for that because I don’t always like my numbers. God looks beyond all numbers!

  3. Amen! Our bodies are complex creations and when we fail to treat them as a gift, we can harm them. Loving ourselves enough to do right by our bodies is more important than any number on a scale. We also need to quit shaming those who’s complex bodies work differently from ours!

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