31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus

During the month of October, I am joining The Nester and a few hundred other bloggers in writing a 31 Day Series on a topic close to our hearts.  Here are all of the posts in my series “31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus”.  I pray that you are blessed by reading.

Day 1 – Come On In And Have A Seat
Day 2 – Do You Trust Me?
Day 3 – Just Breathe
Day 4 – I See You
Day 5 – Relabeling
Day 6 – Tear Down Those Walls
Day 7 – Let Me Wash Over You
Day 8 – You Are Not A Failure
Day 9 – You Are Good
Day 10 – You Are Loved
Day 11 – You Are Valued
Day 12 – I Am In Awe Of You
Day 13 – You Are Forgiven
Day 14 – You Are Free
Day 15 – You Were Made For Greatness
Day 16 – You Were Made To Shine
Day 17 – You Were Made To Love
Days 18 & 19 – Go Ahead and Dream
Day 20 – I Hear You!
Day 21 – Quiet Your Heart
Days 22 & 23 – My Delight Is In You
Day 24 – I Will Hold You
Day 25 – I Believe In You
Days 26 & 27 – I Will Carry You
Day 31 – Come Away and Rest

8 thoughts on “31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus”

  1. Emiliana Martin says:

    Barbie, I’ve decided to do this with you. I’m doing 31 days of gratitude. There’s plenty for me to complain about as I pack and prepare to move so I better keep my eyes on Jesus and find the gratitude before I get an attitude.

    1. Barbie says:

      Good for you girl! I’ll be reading!

  2. Jenilee Goodwin says:

    love this! I pinned it so I can always have it! 🙂

    1. Barbie says:

      Awe, Jenilee, you’re too sweet!

    2. Mary says:

      I’ll be reading everyday for the next 31 days. Hope you don’t mind if I don’t wait for October, I started today.

      1. Barbie says:

        Your’e too sweet. Of course you’re welcome to read any time. This was the 31 day series in did last year. I hope to be publishing by book “Coffee Talk with Jesus” in November”! Pray you are blessed. And I hope to have new topic to write on this coming October!

  3. leo says:

    thank u Ms Barbie!

  4. Elisabeth Paniagua says:

    Thanks for this great inspiration! Just found your site, I will be starting soon as my family begins a new phase in our life.

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