Finding My Way Back – A 31 Day Writing Journey

Over the years, I’ve loved participating in the October writing challenge.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bloggers gather and write their hearts out for 31 days straight.  Over the years, I’ve written series that I was passionate about, turned one into a book, and half completed others.  I wasn’t sure I was going to participate this year, as I’ve been away from blogging much of this past year, with the exception of  few Five Minute Friday posts sprinkled here and there.

The more I thought about not writing, the more I had the desire to try.  I miss this community

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Days 13 & 14 {Talk / Ask} – Finding My Way Back

I love the community that I’ve built here in this space.  I cannot imagine not having relationships with these women, but I often wish I could talk with you in person.  I imagine us sitting in a cozy corner of a coffee shop discussing life, faith and family.  We laugh, cry and pray together, building an even stronger relationship as we continue our life’s journey.  There is nothing like a good, deep talk among girlfriends.  As a writer/blogger, it’s easy for our online lives to become our alternate reality.  And no matter how good that is, we must always remember to cultivate

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Day 12 {Praise} – Finding My Way Back

As a blogger, I didn’t intentional start out to enjoy the praise of others.  But I can honestly tell you that when someone stops by to read my words and leaves notes of encouragement before they go, it truly blesses me.  There is nothing wrong with a little healthy praise.  It is perfectly acceptable to give a writer praise where praise is due.

Did the words you read encourage you? Let them know?
Did the words inspire you to take action? We want to hear about it.
Did the words cause you to grow closer to God? Share that!

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Day 11 {Door} – Finding My Way Back

Blogging has opened up the door of opportunity for me in ways I never would have imagined. When we take steps of faith to share our heart with the world, God is faithful to bring us through the open door.

One of the greatest doors I have walked through is the door of community. I think I may have mentioned the importance of a strong online community in every post in this series, but it really does keep me going.  Blogging has widened my community and brought friendship to my door. The encouragement I receive here is ongoing, and keeps me smiling on those lackluster days (and we all have them).

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