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  1. that is SO awesome! God is so amazing and has just the right timing. thank you for sharing. i'm so happy for you guys getting to SEE God's Hand at work in your lives and getting to share that with your children. this will really impact them in their lives!!

  2. Hi Barbie,
    I'm new to your blog too.
    I was drawn by your beautiful button and background.
    Praising GOD with you over all the ways HE is providing.
    Thank you for encouraging us with your testimony!

  3. Hi Barbie,
    Im new to your blog. I believe this is just a sneak peak of the provisions God has for you in your time of transition.

    My family has been through many hard times over the years. Through all of them God has provided above all we could ask or think.

    Stay encouraged and know that God has a plan ….

  4. That is just FLIPPEN AWESOME!!!!
    Should mail this to my mama. They trying to buy a house but dont qualify for much so its kinda difficult to find something decent for what they qualify!!!
    I keep sayin God will provide but think i am talkin to myself more

  5. Hi Friend, Praise our Faithful God. He truly is Jehovah Jireh our provider. When my hubby and i were missionaries there are more times than I can count when the money came in from all different places at what seemed like the last minute. I wouldn't go back and change the many months when we shouldn't have had enough, because I got to know My God like I never would have other wise. Our God is the God who Sees and provides. Praise His Name!!!!!

  6. amen- He is so faithful! i needed to read this… thanks for the reminder! we just got a notice that our mortgage will be going up ugh… so i'm stressing, but the Lord is reminding me to trust Him!

  7. God has provided manna from heaven for you – just what you need, right when you need it! Thank you for sharing your story. It touched my heart.

    Living for Him, Joan

  8. Dear Barbie, Isn't this just like our God, He so delights in blessing us and I think often we don't see Him in the blessings. I loved this post and your heart of gratitude.
    May He continue to rain down on you abundant and rich blessings.
    Hugs to you today.

  9. what a great story and encouragement! we have had the Lord move on our behalf in similar ways the last couple weeks and it really stirs up faith. your story stirs my own faith again. thank you so much barbie for being vulnerable and sharing with us so that we can rejoice with you. God is so good!

  10. Barbie, There are so many times we have seen and felt God's faithfulness in our lives. We started a journal as a family a couple of years ago, starting with my husband and my conversion and listing every single thing that ever happened to us that was a picture of God's faithfulness. We go back to it and often read to increase our faith and help us to keep trusting.

    Our God is so good.

  11. Barbie, I am so moved by the situation your family is in. We can relate to your stress. Several years ago we had to visit our church's food pantry. It was a very humbling experience, but God continued to provide for us in ways we never could have planned.

    I am so excited to see how He is growing your faith through these trials.

    God bless!

  12. All things work together for the good and He is glorified, when we let Him work, in the process! Keep shining for Him. He sees and He knows…and He is all sufficient! Keep looking up child, your Deliverer can do the impossible! Our Rachel is living proof!

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