Weekend Whispers

When God Says So // Weekend Whispers

I am finding when God says so, it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not. We can fight whatever it is, dig our heels in and even pretend like we didn’t hear the call to make a change or follow His lead, but pretending, pushing back or even indifference never works with Him … so when God says so, your answer should be “yes”.

Isaiah 46-17

I know all this from firsthand experience as I have been kicking and screaming over a decision God has wanted me to make for the last month. I finally wrote an email, hit send and then promptly held my breath over what the reaction

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Weekend Whispers

The Rhythm Of Well-Being // Weekend Whispers

Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring life’s rhythms. When I first began, I discovered four rhythms that I wanted to work on in my own life. They naturally fell into this beautiful group named the 4 W’s – Welcome, the Word, Worship and Well-Being. God has worked in me and around me to bring an awareness as to how they should look and become part of who I am. Each one has made an impact as I dug into their meanings for me and practiced them in my daily life. But one has haunted me and has become my enigma. For many, the rhythm of well-being is the easiest, but for me

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Weekend Whispers

The Rhythm Of Worship // Weekend Whispers

God tends to our every need even before we are aware it is a need. He breathes His strength into our very souls when we speak His name. He whispers hope into our hearts when uncertainty plagues our vision. This rhythm of seeking God and finding Him exactly where He said He would be is worship. It’s when our heartbeat becomes one with God and the beating of the two creates the music of praise.

rhythm of worship

When we sync ourselves with God, we experience a steady rhythm in our lives. When we invite this rhythm to be present, we feel a gratitude for the gifts that God has given us. Worship takes place

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Weekend Whispers

A Time To Give Praise // The Weekend Brew

In a hurting world of brokenness and uncertainty, it is time to give praise.

In our day to day lives when order quickly turns to chaos, it is time to give praise.

When a look at our life and that of others appears pretty on the outside but crumbling on the inside, it is time give praise.

When the morning dawn and the evening’s last light are the only sure thing in our day, it is time to give praise.

[tweetthis]Today is the day we pause and remember it is time to give praise to you Lord. @MaryGeisen #TheWeekendBrew[/tweetthis]

Ephesians 2-10

Heavenly Father ~

We praise you…

for loving us so well

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