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Living Life With PTSD // Featured Guest – Karen of Finding The Grace Within

I am excited to have Karen from Finding The Grace Within sharing her heart in this space. I first met Karen a couple of years back (maybe longer) while writing for the Five Minute Friday prompts. I’ve followed her journey of healing and have been amazed at her strength, which all points to what God has done in her life. I know you will be blessed by her honesty as she shares about living with PTSD.


My entire life, up to this point, I have always thought deep within that “this is the way that I am, this is the way that I have always been, and this is the way that I will always be.”

For the first time in my life, I can actually say, “this is why I am the way that I am”, “this is not how it’s always going to be”, and the most important part? – “this is not my fault”.

I am a victim of child sexual abuse! The first part of healing is admitting what happened to you as real and true. You cannot heal from something you do not accept has happened to you.

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Featured Guests

The Mustard Seed // Featured Guest Melissa @ Finding Meaning, Joy & Purpose

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Melissa of Finding Meaning, Joy & Purpose. I originally came across Melissa’s blog while vising Five Minute Friday writers as well as 31 Dayers in October. When I put out my request for guest writers, Melissa expressed interest. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know her more. I know you will be blessed by the words she shares today.

look mustard seed

I’m really struggling today…..my sweet Monkey Boy has 2 upcoming doctor appointments in the next few days. One tomorrow with a urologist and one Monday with an ENT. Both problems seem relatively minor, but still are a large concern to me, because after all, he is my baby!

So I’ve had a few conversations with friends today about this and how I’m feeling. Usually, I’m filled with faith about problems and challenges that people face. Hubs tells me that is my spiritual gift. Usually I just am filled with faith that God will move in His mighty way. I cling to Romans 8:28 often;

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Making My Heart Expand // Featured Guest Writer – Robin Duncan

I am thrilled to introduce this week’s featured guest writer, Robin of Living My Portion. I originally happened upon Robin’s blog during the 31 days of writing in October. She has a beautiful heart for the Lord and I am excited to get to know her more through blogging. Please be sure to leave Robin a comment here, and stop by her blog and have a look around.


February seems a great month to talk about the heart. Not the candy conversation kind of heart, but our inner being. The place inside all of us that defines who we are.

I have two favorite sayings about the heart. One is something a dear friend says when something good happens. She says,

“that just makes my heart expand.”

The other quote is by Corrie Ten Boom. Of the heart, she says,

“God never measures the mind… He always puts His tape measure on the HEART.”

What does that mean? I don’t have the honor of asking her directly what she means and I’ll be honest and say that, though I searched, I could not find the context of her quote. I have to guess on Ms. Ten Boom’s meaning and I believe that

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Dare To Dream // Featured Guest – Patty Scott of Hearts Homeward

I am so excited to be continuing my guest post series here on the blog. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my most favorite people, Patty Scott of Hearts Homeward. I do not know her personally, but we’ve been blog friends for a few years now. We’ve followed each others blogs and have become great friends. She encourages me greatly. We are planning a meet up hopefully in the summer. Please make sure to stop by Patty’s blog and have a look around.

Dare to Dream

You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream
~ C.S. Lewis

Being a creature of habit has its strong points, to be sure. We don’t have to think much about how to drive the familiar path to work or to drop a child at school. Brushing teeth isn’t something we dwell on and set timers to remind ourselves to accomplish. Even habits of the heart, once ingrained in their trenches, stay with us until a great effort might uproot them and cause them to slide away.

Still, habit-driven living can have a downside. We get into what we know and stay there. Our “normal”

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