My 5 Minute Fridays

Complete // Five Minute Friday

The dictionary defines complete as “to make whole or perfect” or to “finish making or doing”.

Without Christ, I am not complete.  He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it.

Sometimes I get impatient.  I want to know what the end of the story is, but I’m still living it out. I look at my lack, at my imperfections and shortcomings and in doing so, I feel hallow and unfulfilled. It is then when I realize how incomplete I feel when I focus on myself or my circumstances rather than on Christ.

It’s hard to understand that I am still a work in

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My 5 Minute Fridays

Rain // Five Minute Friday

I step out into the rain.
Timid, I am quick to get my umbrella.
I must shield myself from the wetness, from the coolness.

I am unaware that in the covering up
there is a resistance to the washing off of
the dirt from my soiled heart.
The saying goes, “learn to dance in the rain”,
yet I run and take cover, not wanting to be consumed by it.

What would life be like if I truly learned to let go?
How would things change if I soaked Him up, drank Him in?
Who would I be if I allowed myself the freedom to dance in the rain?

I seek this freedom.
I want to learn to dance,

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My 5 Minute Fridays

Rush // Five Minute Friday

It’s been too long since I’ve felt the rush of God’s overwhelming presence.  I tuck myself away in a safe place alone with my thoughts, not wanting to be seen or heard, yet I know He sees me, He hears me. He knows the heartache and the disappointment and He holds me, even though I struggle to feel Him.

I’m not sure when life began to stand still and I stopped pursuing.  It’s not that I no longer believe, but there are some things have occurred that I cannot wrap my brain around.  I’ve been struggling with doubt and fear, and my heart holds some places I

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My 5 Minute Fridays

Blogging Anniversary // Five Minute Friday

I pondered the Five Minute Friday word for this week.  Anniversary. I could easily write about my upcoming 30 year wedding anniversary trip with my husband to San Diego, which is coming up next weekend, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

This July I quietly celebrated 10 years of blogging. If you’ve been blogging for as long as I have you know that 10 years is quite a feat. So many have given up before they reach this milestone. It doesn’t seem like 10 years to me as I haven’t been writing hardly at all over the last couple. But I’m still here which speaks

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