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Where I’ve Been, Where I’m At and Where I’m Going // A Blog Update

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I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this update for a long time, like a year or so, but you know life happens and sometimes you get crushed under the weight of it all. When I finally crawled out from under the rock, I realized I simply don’t have the energy or motivation to continue running my life in “full steam ahead” fashion. I’ve walked through some intense changes over the last five years. I handled it like a champ, or so I thought. But after a while I realized I just couldn’t appear to be strong anymore, so I retreated and hung out in the background.

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The Truth About Fear, Communion and Health

When I began the Write31Days challenge on October 1st, I had high hopes of finishing strong. I met so many beautiful writers in our Facebook group, and even had the privilege of assisting many with their buttons and landing pages. October started out strong and I wrote for 7 days straight.

And then I hit a wall.

My idea for today was to come here and share my heart on day 11, “rest”.  I wanted to come here and tell you that I have heard God calling me to rest and that I’m laying it down to sit at His feet. But that’s not exactly the truth. I think I’ve

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We’re Better Together

A table is set for tea outside on a porchMy journey of writing began a long time ago.  As a teenager, I had a hard time expressing how I felt so that others would understand.  So, I resorted to poetry.  Most of it was dark (I didn’t know the Lord then), and sad.  I regret that I did not save anything I wrote back in those early years.  I would have loved to redeem words laden with hopelessness.

Writing was a way for me to work through my feelings, even though I rarely shared what I wrote with anyone.  I kept it to myself, just me and the words, filled with heartache yet laced with hopes and dreams for a better future.

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On Writing Brave {Part 2}


A few days after writing this post on writing brave, God began to reveal more to my heart.  So this is Part 2 of my own journey of writing brave.

There is a certain level of vulnerability when we accept the challenge to write brave.  Once we say yes, there will be obstacles to overcome. Why?  Because writing brave paves the way for crooked paths to be made straight, for broken hearts to be made whole, and for depression to be replaced with joy.

For me, it was fear, anxiety and depression.  But what led me there was not so much the telling of the story but the “what will people think” mentality.  Yes, I

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