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  1. Thank you so much for your honesty and your blog. I found it because I googled “homeschooling moms working full time” or something like that. I work full time and my husband is working 3/4 time after a long stint of unemployment. My mother and sister help us homeschool. We withdrew out daughter after the first semester of 4th grade, so we’ve only been at this for three months. It is so much work! It is exhausting. Made worse by the fact I didn’t even know you could buy curriculum! I have been doing it all myself – whew! But it is better for our child and our family. Your journey is encouraging to me, and probably more.

  2. Barbie,
    It looks like you’ve made some great choices! We homeschooled for 14 years. I would call our method a more eclectic method too. Some years I used Sonlight to guide my choices for the year. I especially liked them because they are a Christian company that is literature based. They gave lots of great reading options that wove through the history topics for the year which was wonderful for my reader daughter . I think she was in the 5th or 6th grade when I found Sonlight. But for the other kids who weren’t lovers of reading it was a great guide for me to pick and choose a few for them to read and a few for me to read to all of them.

    Some years I needed some extra help to ease my brain and would go with Calvert because they gave you everything you needed for the year in 1 box. It is a Classical approach. Then I would add books from Sonlight’s list to go along with it depending on which child (the excited reader or the not excited reader). But now days there is Veritas that is a Christian Classical company that can give you a year in a box.

    Sorry this is so long . I think the most important thing is that you are ready and willing to put everything down when things get stressful and go take a walk together. God bless! Dayna

  3. Oh, we’ve done a lot of these books. I love Learning Language Arts Through Literature for younger kids. I never continued it after 2nd grade though. Not sure why? And my kids are enjoying SOTW Vol 1 this year!

    • I am thankful to have found someone who is familiar with the curriculum I am using. There are so many great things out there. It was hard to choose. Thank so much for stopping by Jessy!

  4. I don’t have experience in homeschool, but I do as a classroom teacher and I think this holds true for both situations: It takes time for everyone to get adjusted to the new way of doing things. Once you both get in your groove, things will start flowing better!

  5. I haven’t used those particular things but I would love to be a voice of encouragement to you. My youngest didn’t GO to school until half days at VoTech his junior and senior years of high school. He had significant learning challenges and didn’t read until he was 10 years old! Even then it was a challenge and he hated it! (Thanks dyslexia.) And he is an entirely kinesthetic learner! We had him tested and they said he was the only child they had ever seen who was 100% Kinesthetic with extremely low scores in other learning styles. (I think Visual was 0, and Verbal was like 5?) We changed curriculum every year and often midyear. He learned more from computer games and learning activities than he did from any of the books I bought. I felt like an utter failure most of the time … except he is a sweet kid who loves the Lord and he didn’t get labelled and stuck in an LD classroom!

    He is now 22, holding down a full time job in the IT department of an Oil Company (because they asked him if he would be willing to switch from Intern to full time and gave him an offer he “couldn’t” refuse) while also taking 12 hours of college. And making As! It is purely a grace of God thing!

    Mostly I would encourage you to remember, for your sake and hers, the reasons you made this choice and those reasons have little or nothing to do with Academics!


  6. I’ve used all of the above. Love Story of the World and anything by Apologia. It’s a ride and journey for sure. Prayers headed your way.

  7. It sounds like you have some great books. I am glad you and to slowing down and have fun along the way. A few tears along the way are okay … but not every day. 🙂

    Enjoy your week.

  8. The first bit is rough but you will make it through and the learning will happen. I knew a mom in my church who worked full time and home schooled both of her daughters. I was impressed how she could head out that door 6 days a week and those girls did their work on their own. I use to just marvel at this because I couldn’t even go outside for a breather without my kids following me around.

    Blessings hon.

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