Come On In And Have A Seat {Day 1 – Coffee Talk With Jesus} — 28 Comments

  1. I love this. I spend a lot of time in the corner, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what you share. I’m sharing “I Wear PInk” on my journey with breast cancer.

    • God bless you Donna, and thank you for stopping by. What is the name of your blog? I would love to visit (if I don’t already follow you). Your blog isn’t coming through in the comments.

  2. Oh my – am I glad I “found” you. I’m so new at ALL of this and wanted to “bottle my brain” for joining….but am I happy I did….!!

    Can you see me sitting? The coffee is great!! I’m ready for Coffee talk with Jesus! So ready!

  3. Oh, I’m already feeling at peace:)) Only wish we could be having that cup of coffee “for real”.
    “Pinned” you, my friend!

  4. Your words paint such a beautiful picture 🙂 I don’t like crowds either so I would be sitting in the corner too 😉

  5. i have wrestled with wanting to join in on this this year, and i just don’t think i can add it to my plate. i even have 2 different topics i was praying about! it is ok – i will just try to blog on those topics maybe as mini-series and enjoy reading yours.

    • It is quite the commitment, and one I only pray I can get through. It will challenge me to meet with the Lord each day (or evening) so that I can formulate my post. Next year perhaps I’ll do a series that I can schedule in advance! I love the idea of doing a mini-series.

  6. Oh my — girl I’m going to love your series. As always!!! This will be my second year and I’m writing about 31 Days of Anonymity where I give others an opportunity to write anonymous letters to those they feel they need to. It’s already stirring my heart. Blessings friend.

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