Day 5: Be Exalted Above The Heavens — 20 Comments

  1. Barbie,
    Very lovely painting…and a perfect backdrop too for the scripture verse! This one reminds me of how His love add warmth to our lives. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Beautiful! Curious. What got you started painting with your hands? What type of paint? On canvas? How long have you painted? So glad you are sharing your art! Blessings.

    • HI Anne! I have been painting about 5 years. Our church has an arts ministry and I saw others do it and was truly inspired. I have no art training, so picking up a paint brush to try to paint something is hard for me. One day I decided I was going to paint with my hands and do abstract art. I am always inspired by the Holy Spirit and amazed at what He does through me.

      I use high end acrylic paint on canvass.

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