Life Through The Lens: Celebrating 25 years! — 37 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a good time! It is always so encouraging to see people adding years to their marriage….not something we see as often as we should. I’m sure you are a huge encouragement and have a wealth of wisdom on being a wife 🙂

    I hope you have a blessed 26th year!

  2. Congratulations my friend! 25 years is amazing; you and your husband are a great example of sacrificial commitment and covenant marriage. How cool is it that you could/can go back to your old haunts that you went to as a dating couple. That is fabulous.

  3. Oh, what a lovely anniversary celebration. We celebrated #42 in June, can’t believe we are just 8 years away from #50. Yikes! Blessings for many more years!

  4. Happy Anniversary! (We celebrated our 25th this summer, too). What a fun date that looked like :). The restaurant we went to the night we got engaged no longer exists, but with my allergies I wouldn’t be able to eat there any way. That is so neat about the violinist. I’m glad you got to have such a special evening.

    • The restaurant we ate at on our wedding night closed down too. Would have loved to have gone there. Thankful for your return to blogigng!

  5. There’s so much to celebrate Barbie! 25 years, a quarter of a century! Congratulations! I thank The Lord for keeping you close enough to Him that you’ve been able to overcome every challenge with grace. Praying for a blissful 25 more years. And congrats on the job! The best is yet to come my friend. ❤

  6. Happy Anniversary Barbie. Thank you for sharing your anniversary dinner with us. Money is always tight for us too (married for 27 years), but we enjoy our small celebrations with as much pleasure as those who are able to celebrate more extravagantly. We are thankful the Lord gave us each other. Praying you have 25+ years to share with each other.

  7. So beautiful, Barbie! I’m thrilled to see the two of you had a blessed night out to celebrate. That restaurant looks amazing! I love the cable car. How cool is that!!!! Thank you for sharing your date night with us. Many blessings to you both.

  8. Belated ~Happy 25th~ Wedding Anniversary Barbie. It looks like you and the hubby had a great time! Lynnette and Kyle will have their 25th in December! 🙂

    Love, Linda

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