Loving Discipline (Song of Solomon, Chapter 3) — 9 Comments

  1. Though I don’t like the lifting of His presence it is actually needed. It does not mean we lose power or anointing…it is meant to bring us into greater encounter. It’s important to be reminded that we don’t have to “feel it” to minister.

  2. Thank you for your incite on this passage, I always love to read, see and feel scripture from the perspective God places on your heart. You are a blessing, Barbie!!

    • Thank you Kerri! I am glad to have hooked up with you in the blog world. I look forward to your insight in future studies! I have one up my sleeve that I want to begin soon!

  3. i think if we are human then we have received some form of discipline at one time or another!   this whole section of the book always reminds me of another love story in the Bible that involved discipline and that is the story of hosea and gomer.  it is so long suffering of God to take our immature love, enthusiasm, and flakiness, and cause it to grow into something deep that will go the distance. 

  4. I totally love this Barbie!

    I have been feeling led by the Lord to write a post on obedience but after reading what you have here I feel unqualified to write it.

    There is so much to learn and pray about, thanks for this I really enjoyed it.


    • You are so qualified to write it!  I have gleamed much from not only my own mediation and experience, but from Mike Bickle’s notes not on Song of Songs.  Believe me, I have so much more to learn.  I would love it if you would write what the Lord is speaking to you on this subject.  I would love to read it.

  5. Discipline and conviction are a part of a life of faith,  and yes, I’ve definitely felt both. Just yesterday I realized I was harboring some resentment over some thoughtless remarks made by someone in my church. Normally I would view this individual with a great deal of respect. Instead I just wanted to gripe, groan and blame. God caught myattention, and I remembered that this individual’s faults/sins are no greater than my own. We are each unique children of God, adopted by the Holy Spirit through Christ’s saving grace. It wasn’t a big disciplinary moment, but I definitely felt convicted and shamed by my own selfish outlook. 

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