Contending for Breakthrough

I have been praying for breakthough in a few areas of my life. I have to say, I haven’t been diligent to pray and contend on a daily basis and have had to ask myself, “How badly do I want the breakthough?”

Sometimes it’s hard to continue to fight for something when there appears to be an invisible wall towering in front of me that appears immoveable. Climbing is exhausting. You need a lot of strength! But then again, I have to remind myself that I serve a God who promised me that He would move those things in front of me if I asked Him to.

Over the years as I have contended

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This has been my heart’s cry for quite some time.

I long for the living God. I long to know Him and to be known by Him, to hear His heartbeat and to have my heart beat in unity with His.

He is the one thing that I desire. He alone is my hope, my peace, my future. He is my reason for living and in Him is great joy.

I am reading a new book called Longing for You – The Journey from Intercession to Intimacy. I am only on the second chapter, but the pages are luring me in and I find myself yearning for more!

I don’t just long for God, but He longs for me! He longed for an intimate

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