Little Girl Lost: Becoming Living Art-Week 4

It is said that one is born with passions, clues as to what it is they are supposed to do on this earth. But what if someone has not yet uncovered their passion.  What if the question is still being asked, “what is my calling in Life?”

Ironically, just today, a pastor at my church was talking about the call of God on our life, and how we should be pursuing it.  But I wrestle with my calling.  I understand that I am a wife and mother, and those are relevant callings.  Yet, there is a burning desire within me to understand what my purpose is here on this earth.  How will

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Book study

Uncovering My Heart’s Desires: Becoming Living Art – Week #3


There is a question that I am often asked, “If you could do anything for God, without fail, what would you do?”  I shy away from answering, beating around the bush, listing things I am already doing, yet my heart yearns for more.  What is it that God put me here on this earth to do?  I know that I am called to love Him and be loved by Him. But what is my task?  How will I bring Him glory?  The question comes and I cringe because I fear failure in the trying.  I fear that my art is not needed nor wanted.

What if I do the work of uncovering and it turns out there isn’t

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Who Am I: Becoming Living Art – Week #2

LivingArt_week 2

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It may be hard to imagine we have something beautiful and creative to offer if we haven’t a voice to sing or a hand to paint.A Million Little Ways: Uncover The Art You Were Made To Live.

I’ve always wondered if my creative offerings are enough.  I’m not the best singer, but I can carry a tune.  I don’t get picked to sing during special services or conferences, and I wonder why I am even signing in the first place.  And even though my paintings are unique, I am still plagued by thoughts of “not good enough”.   I constantly

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