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Drops Of Beauty

God’s beauty is everywhere.  In creation, the laughter of my children, the lone bud bursting forth from the green shrub in my yard.  If I look with eyes wide open, I can see it.  It’s all around me, often catching me by surprise, springing forth when I least expect it.  Even in the midst of darkness and times of uncertainty, there is beauty to be found.

I wasn’t born with a green thumb.  Matter of fact, I cringe when I am given fresh flowers or a beautiful plant.  Such things in my home have been known to expire before they’ve ever had a chance.  Keeping flowers

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Beauty in the Broken

© Mykola Mazuryk -

“There is beauty in the broken.”

I‘ve seen this phrase floating around the blogsphere this week.  God is once again opening my eyes to beauty.  But it’s not the beauty that I can see.  It’s the beauty that has yet to be revealed — at least to the eye of the beholder.  It doesn’t always look whole.  It’s broken, bruised and often messy.  But if I look deep into the cracks and crevices, into the places that lay waiting to be filled by their Maker, there beauty will be found.

I am reminded today of such beauty.  My heart has been heavy for

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How Do You See Beauty?

I am on a continual journey to find beauty in the routine and mundane things that make up my life.  I admit that I have a hard time “seeing” this beauty.  And, honestly, some things that have been put on my “grace gift” list in past weeks have been put down because I feel that someone else might see them as beautiful.  I haven’t yet grasped the beauty in them.  I want to see.  I long to see.  But honestly friends, I don’t yet “see” the beauty in the mounds of laundry awaiting me, or the dirty dishes in my sink.  I know it’s there. 

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Beauty Unfolds

All around me there is beauty.  I see it to the degree that my eye has the capacity to see.

A budded rose.

A child’s eye.

My husband’s smile.

In the sunrise and the sunset.


The budded rose itself is beautiful, but when it unfolds, there is an even a deeper beauty revealed.  And although my childrens’ eyes are beautiful, if I look long enough I might see into their souls.  I am learning that there are layers to beauty.  How far do I want to look to truly see the depth of this beauty?

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