Unwrapping the Promise of Jesus // Glimpses Link Up

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family.  We met over at my sister’s home on Christmas Eve. There were about 20 of us, including children. We had great food and enjoyed watching the kids open gifts and then we embarked on a traditional white elephant gift exchange.

We woke up early on Christmas morning. Actually, I didn’t go to be until after 2:30AM because I had to pull the cinnamon rolls out of the refrigerator to rise. Then I was up at 6:00AM to cook breakfast for my husband and kids and then we all headed to church for an hour worship service.

Back home to relax

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Partnering With Peace // Glimpses Link Up

We are in the final week before Christmas. It’s been a busy few weeks and appears to get busier for me as the days go on. No matter how much I try to rest and allow God’s peace to overwhelm me, I find myself exhausted, worried and stressed out.

Not a good way to welcome the birth of our Lord and Savior, huh?

I could give you every excuse as to why I’m feeling the way I do, but really, the only person I have to blame for not remaining in a state of rest and peace is myself. Jesus, He is the Prince of Peace. And the Good Shepherd, He promised to make me lie down in green pastures.

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Stress Free Christmas Shopping With Groupon Goods

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


As a one-income family due to my husband’s disability, Christmas shopping can put a strain on a budget. I am a giver by nature and I enjoy finding the perfect gift for those I love. But I can quickly allow things to get out of control if I’m not careful. Even gifts of the smallest monetary value can add up and cause undue stress in a season where I should be experiencing an abundance of joy. This is why I love browsing Groupon

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Where Joy Resides // Glimpses Link Up

I walked into church this morning with a heaviness I was unable to shake. Financial issues, being reminded of our lack in a season of giving, and health issues have weighed heavy on my heart this past month. I came to give Him praise. I came to declare His worth, because He is worthy. I wasn’t feeling it this morning, but my mind and heart knew enough to posture myself before the King of Kings in an attitude of worship and give Him the praise He deserves.

I know the enemy would like nothing better than to steal my joy leading up to Christmas. His purpose is to distract and cause me

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