Grace, Grace & More Grace

God has been speaking to me about grace over the last few days.  Some definitions of Grace are
  • an attractively polite manner of behaving
  • courteous goodwill
  • the free and unmerited favor of God
I have been seeing the number “5” a lot lately, and especially the time of =&0=& on the clock everywhere, sometimes 2x a day.  Because of this, I’ve been claiming and declaring an increase of God’s grace over my life.  And although I believe God IS allowing me to receive that increase, He has also revealed to me that although I have received His grace, I do not always walk in it, nor do I extend it to others.  Ouch!  As I prayed for deeper revelation about this, I came to realize that there are many times when I neither walk in His grace, nor do I extend it to others. Some examples,

There have been mornings where I’ve overslept.  I’ve rushed my kids out of bed, asked them to eat their breakfast quickly, asked them to hurry and get dressed, brush their teeth, etc., and hurried them out to door and off to school.  My behavior was less than attractive, and because they were rushed, my childrens’ attitudes were less than polite.

There have been times when I’ve been at the grocery store and the checker was either new or just having a bad day.  I remember standing in line thinking to myself “can she possibly go any slower? I mean really,

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