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A New Journey

In making my 2012 goals, one of the things at the top of my list is to get healthy.  I have known for a long time that I needed to take a long, hard look at my unhealthy habits:

  • I don’t eat well.
  • I don’t sleep well.
  • I don’t exercise at all.
  • I don’t drink enough water.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to get healthy or lose weight.  I have done many different diets and have lost weight and felt better.  But then life gets in the way and I forget that it takes hard work and effort to continue to make good choices.  Health is a lot more than weight loss.  To me, it’s giving God first place.  Giving Him all of me.  I am a broken vessel and only through Him will

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10 Ways To Treat Myself Well In 2012

“Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” – Leo F. Buscaglia

As a busy wife, mother, employee and woman in ministry, I do not often find the time to just be by myself.  It seems like I am always taking care of someone, or handling a task for someone.  Not that I am complaining.  I love my family and I have a dream job.  But I think you ladies would agree that most often we put the needs of everyone else before our own.  We don’t

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