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Journey To The High Places: Grave On The Mountains (Week 16)

Mountain rocks covered by cloudsI want to thank you for continuing this journey with me. I’m struggling to finish the book, but I will finish. My posts may be short as I’m on information overload and it’s just hard getting my thoughts down on paper. Thank you for your grace and our patience.

A few things stood out to me in this chapter.

First, Much-Afraid was out of strength on this journey. She was tired and worn out. But her companions, Sorrow and Suffering came along side her to “gird her up” for the continuing journey ahead.

But this time she was so weak and exhausted that instead of taking her hands, they came close up to her and put their hands beneath her arms so that she leaned with her full weight against them. Thus Suffering and Sorrow supporting her, Much-Afraid cast herself down into the yawning grave.

Hinds Feet on High Places

But the Shepherd had already

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Journey To The High Places: The Floods (Week 15)

Friends, thank you for your patience with me over these last couple of weeks.  I have been a little sidetracked from the normal flow of the blog and find it hard to write, let alone read.  I ask for your continued grace and prayers as I walk though this season of transition, that God would bring breakthrough and the perfect job for me soon.


Much-Afraid is awoken in the night by a Voice, which she recognized to be that of the Shepherd.

“Take now the promise you received when I called you to follow Me to the High Places, and take the natural longing for human love which you found already

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Journey To The High Places: The Place Of Anointing (Week 14)

HindsFeet_Week 14

The Shepherd called to Much-Afriad to come and join him on the chair, hung by a cable. If she would but trust herself to the chair, she would be carried in perfect safety up to the place that He wished to take her without any struggling and striving on her part.

When she and her companions, along with The Shepherd, had reached their destination, they had arrived at the borderland of the Kingdom of Love. And what a breathtakingly beautiful site it was, filled with little rushing streams and flowers of many kinds. Above were peaks of pure white snow and the sun shone brightly, filling the

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Journey To The High Places: In The Valley Of Loss (Week 13)

HindsFeet_Chapter 13

After the midst had cleared, Much-Afraid and her companions were surprised to find that the path they were on led them straight down into a deep valley. The ascent up was as steep and even higher than the Precipice of Injury, and to go down and ascend again would take an immense amount of strength and effort, and also a lot of time.

As Much-Afraid looked down into the depths of the valley her heart went numb, and she began to wonder if her relatives had been right all along. After all, if she did go down to the deep valley, she would lose everything she had gained so far on her journey to

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