Looking Toward Hope // Glimpses Link Up

Thanksgiving came and along with it precious time with family. We gathered at my mother’s home, although not all of the siblings, or all of my children, were in attendance. This happens as families grow and become part of other families. You learn to share each other, taking turns with family and resolving to see some others next year.

And as Monday morning is looming I realize that it is the beginning of Advent — the weeks leading up to Christmas where we reflect on Christ’s birth, His coming, and what it all means.

I never celebrated Advent as a child. And growing up in a home

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Great Is Thy Faithfulness // Glimpses v.12


A couple of weeks ago I shared about a “suddenly” from God that didn’t quite work out. It’s okay though, because I know that I’m where I am supposed to be and that God will continue to provide for our family.

He always has, and He always will.

As most of you know, my husband has been unable to work since last December due to unexplained swelling in his knee. All tests have come back normal and the doctors have no idea what the cause is. This has been an extremely hard season for us, but God has proven faithful every step of the way.

Early last week, we were notified

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God’s Mysterious Ways // Glimpses v. 10

So this past week was a roller coaster of huge emotional magnitude for me. I can’t share all the details here (but feel free to message me on FB if you want to know more).

Basically, God moved in with a “Suddenly” opportunity. He placed something promising in front of me and I pursued it. He opened the door. Then He closed it, only to open it again, only to have it closed again.

The outcome leaves me a little better off than before, but with no real change.

God has shown me His hand again through His very mysterious ways.


My son asked me why God would dangle something

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Weekend Whispers

The Weekend Brew: The Living Hope

Through Christ’s death on the cross, and His resurrection we have hope.  He has been raised from death, and gives life to those who are dead.  He is alive and because of His finished work on the cross we have hope. (1 Peter 1:3)

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter!

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