Cultivating A Heart Of Love

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s I enter the second week of my 21 day fast, my heart has been stretched.  I feel vulnerable, raw and tender.  In this place of voluntary weakness, my desperation for God is something I cannot ignore.  My need of Him has risen to the forefront. Apart from Him I can do nothing.  This week, I am more aware of the groaning inside my spirit to know this Man Jesus. My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out    for the living God.  (Psalm 84:2)
‘ve grown closer to the Lord this last week, yet there is an internal struggle to stay in the place of prayer.  There are so many other things that are demanding my time and attention.  As a wife, mother and ministry leader, I cannot ignore these other things.  Yet, I understand the importance of continually seeking His face in order to receive the fuel that I need to do these other things well.

One thing I have learned is that my love for God and this 1st commandment lifestyle must be cultivated.  In Mike Bickle’s teaching, “Becoming A Person of Extravagant Devotion” he says,

“We must consciously carry our hearts. We must consciously cultivate a spiritual atmosphere in our hearts and in a way that we are more responsive to God. God wants to enable us to be responsive to Him in love. This anointing to be able to respond to God in love is not something

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Pursing Love – Love is Kind

Pursuing Love

We are in the second week of Pursing Love and this week’s topic is Love is Kind. Well, it’s taken me all week to write this post. I thought I was going to miss this one. When I reflect on what it means to be kind – to be friendly, generous and caring, I immediately think about the loving kindness the Lord has shown to me, and how I am instructed to model that kindness in every aspect of my life to those around me. For the most part, I am a kind person. I think that others would say that I am. But as I draw closer to the Lord, He is quick to reveal those areas in my life where my attitudes or actions do not align themselves with His. It is for my benefit that these areas are brought to the light so that I could fix them and look more and more like Jesus, which is my one goal in life. Lately, I’ve been asking the Lord to show me how to love well. Love starts by being kind. I fell in love with my husband because he was first kind to me. He was/is friendly, generous and caring. If it were not for his kindness in the early days of our relationship, I would not have fallen in love with him. There are many areas of my life where I feel I need to work on showing kindness to others. Here are a few:

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