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Green Pastures: {Finding Peace In Psalm 23}

I am continuing my journey through Psalm 23 with my friend Kerri of A Simple Princess.  Today we are discussing the first part of verse 2,

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

Sheep without a shepherd are left to wander aimlessly, unprotected from predators.  They would easily run themselves off of a cliff if it wasn’t for the watchful eye and gentle hand of the shepherd leading them back to safety.  A shepherd knows when his sheep must rest.  He knows when they are running low on food and water.  Not wanting any of them

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Faith, Scripture Study

I Lack Nothing: {Finding Peace In Psalm 23}

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I am continuing my journey of Finding Peace in Psalm 23 with Kerri over at A Simple Princess.  Today, we are discussing the final portion of verse 1,

The Lord is my shepherd.  I lack nothing.  (Common English Bible)

I lack nothing.

lack – the state of being without or not having enough of something (n)
or    – be without or deficient in (verb)

God promises that I will always have everything that I need.  My Shepherd is a constant presence in my life.   There is never a time when He will forsake me or forget about me.  It doesn’t matter what I do, whether I fall short, or fail miserably. 

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My Shepherd: {Finding Peace In Psalm 23}

I am joining in with Kerri of A Simple Princess for week two of her series on Finding Peace in Psalm 23.  Today, we are discussing “the Shepherd”.  Kerri asks us to describe what/who a Shepherd is and how this relationship applies to the life of David and to us.

The LORD is my shepherd.  (Psalm 23:1a)

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What is a Shepherd?

The dictionary defines a shepherd as,

a person who tends and rears sheep (n) or
to guide or direct in a particular direction (v).

Sheep are naturally very gentle, but this makes them prey to many carnivorous animals.  Sheep need a shepherd to help keep them safe and to watch over them. 

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Who Is The LORD?: {Finding Peace in Psalm 23}

A Simple PrincessI am so excited to take this journey through Psalm 23 with my blogging friend Kerri at A Simple Princess.  I love to study the Word of God and it’s even better to do it with a friend.  Today we are discussing the first two words of the first verse…THE LORD.  You can still join us! Grab the button, write your thoughts on this first part, and link up!

Psalm 23 is a passage of scripture that I am well acquainted with.  It’s been read at every funeral I’ve ever attended, and it is the passage that my team in the House of Prayer has been singing through on our Worship

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