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The Bride’s final intercession

PhotobucketThis post concludes our study of the Song of Solomon.  I will be using notes from Mike Bickle again today.  Look for a future post about what is coming up in January!

You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice—Let Me hear it! (Songs 8:13)

Jesus’ last words to the Bride commend her effectiveness in serving the Church. He names her, “You who dwell in the gardens” to affirm that she is still dwelling in the midst of God’s garden serving His people instead of retreating in selfish isolation. She did not

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Scripture Study

Living Before His Eyes

PhotobucketAgain, I am so sorry for not posting my study last week.  Life has been busy.  We will be wrapping up our study of the Song of Solomon next week.  I want to thank you all for hanging in with me for these last 24 weeks!

(*I am taking this post from Mike’s Bickle’s notes.  His copyright is the right to copy.)

The Bride’s revelation of her accountability before God.

Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon; he leased the vineyard to keepers; everyone was to bring for its fruit a thousand silver coins. (Song 8:11)

The outcome of living before His eyes is the understanding of the reality of our accountability and eternal reward before God.  On the last day, every believer will give a full account of their earthly

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The Bride Walks in Confidence

*I want to apologize for not posting my study last week.  I was deep into my 31 Days of Abiding posts and just plain forgot!

The Bride has come into a place of maturity.  She rests in the love of her Bridegroom.  She walks confidently before Him and is now able to bring those who are less mature in their faith before the Lord by way of intercession.  She is not only thinking of herself and where her love for the Bridegroom has brought her.  But her mind is on others.

I am a wall, and my breasts like towers, then I became in His eyes as one who found peace.  (Songs 8:10)

She selflessly sees herself as a wall of protection that exists to help others. She does not seek to pursue earthly

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Scripture Study

The Bride’s Final Intercession

PhotobucketThe Bride is now filled with the fire of God.  She is confident in who she is.  As we continue on in Song of Solomon, Chapter 8, we see the Bride’s heart of intercession for the Church.  (*I will be taking this material almost exclusively from Mike Bickle’s Song of Solomon Study.  His copyright is the right to copy.)

We have a little sister, and she has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister in the day when she is spoken for? If she is a wall, we will build upon her a battlement of silver; and if she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar (Song 8:8–9).


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