I Am No Victim // Glimpses Link Up

My daughter led a song that is new to me at church this morning.  It is called I Am No Victim by Kristene DiMarco (Bethel Music).  This song touched me deeply this morning as I thought about how it’s so easy to give into the lie that I am a victim. We can be so consumed by the hurt and pain we’ve endured in life that we can assume a victim mentality. We can so easily become a victim to our circumstances, held back by fear, unable to move forward in faith. But I am not a victim. I can walk forward in the freedom that is mine in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes the pain I carry is self

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My 5 Minute Fridays

Sing // Five Minute Friday

Thrilled to be writing among the beautiful Five Minute Friday community. This is where we write for just five minutes, on a word prompt. We don’t worry about perfection or making it just right, but rather allow the words to flow freely without over thinking. If you’ve never written for the Five Minute Friday, come join us. You will be glad you did!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to sing. I always wanted to have a voice good enough to take part in plays, or musicals, and after I came to know the Lord, sing on worship teams.

Fast forward to several years back when my dream

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I Will Never Be The Same, I Will Never Forget

A beautiful sky line,
stately towers in the background,
the morning sun clouded by smoke.
They came so fast, how could we have been prepared?
Mass chaos, tears streaming, people running,
Fear so close you could breathe it in.
How can this be?  Surely, it must all be a dream.

A symbol of strength, they once stood proud and strong.
But now they burn, tumbling, crashing to the ground.
“Oh God, No!”, I cried.  “There are still people inside”.
I prayed for a miracle.  I prayed they would be saved.
I wept, I screamed,

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