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Enjoy Life More // Glimpses

My devotional reading today was about enjoying life more. When we embrace the awe and wonder of each new day, we proclaim our faith and trust in God.

When we embrace the awe and wonder of each new day, we proclaim our faith and trust in God.… Click To Tweet

Enjoying life has been a goal of mine, right along side of looking for beauty among the mundane. I don’t want to walk through life with a sour look on my face. I want to approach each new day for the gift that it is and truly live life to the fullest.

It’s hard for me sometimes to get out of my box of “work, clean, kids, repeat”. I sometimes get stuck in a rut, in my day-to-day routine and forget to find the joy that is truly available to me in every day living. To be honest, I sometimes think other people lead so much more glamorous lives than my own. I see their lives unfold on social media and I often fall into the “comparison” trap. But I know that no one’s life is perfect. And though there may appear to be laughter, love and beauty on the surface, that doesn’t mean there isn’t pain underneath. And perhaps their lives are really as perfect as they portray. Who am I to judge?

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. He would like nothing better than to rob us of the joy that is ours in Christ. For me, it starts with boredom, feeling stuck, comparison, complacency. Soon it leads to feelings of hopelessness and questioning, “Is this all there really is to life?”

Today’s devotional was a reminder from the Lord that I have a good life. It is a life worthy of enjoying. It may be routine and there may not be much happening in the day-to-day, but it’s all about how I choose to embrace every moment that is given to me. Life is beautiful. Enjoy the ride!

Life is beautiful. Enjoy the ride! #glimpsesofhisbeauty Click To Tweet

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And now I continue to list the beauty that I’m finding in my every day life.

Glimpses #571-580

571. Financial blessings from friends for our anniversary get away.
572. My new Happy Planner.
573. Our new-to-us dining table is finished.
574. My Pioneer Woman pitcher to hold flowers on my table.
575. Dinner out with the hubby.
576. Lunch, coffee, shopping and laughter with friends.
577. Little reminders of His love.
578. Soft serve ice cream.
579. Free Kindle downloads.
580. Jesus loves me this I know.

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It is time to share the glimpses of beauty found this week.
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