52Lists Project v.33 // Favorite Places/Food to Eat Out

This week’s list has my stomach dancing as we share our favorite places to eat out, or types of food we enjoy while eating out.


Quick , To-Go Foods

Taco Truck – I love me some Carne Asada tacos with just cilantro and salsa
Taco Bell – My pick is the Chicken Quesadilla
Subway – Turkey on sourdough and a bag of chips
Wendy’s – I love their Chicken, Bacon, Ranch salad

Quick, Dine In

Blaze Pizza – All meat, red onions, mushrooms and garlic
In-N-Out Burger – I’ve been known to just get a shake (chocolate, of course) and fries
DogHaus – a new place in town. I love their chili dogs and they serve Tater Tots
Chick-Fil-A – I love their salads and lemonade

Sit Down, Relax, Eat In

La Pinata – my pick is a carne asada Sopa, and lots of chips and sala
Outback – A Bloomin Onion! And a steak!
Olive Garden – Soup and Salad
Shadowbrook – this is our romantic pick. Filet Mignon!

What is a place you enjoy eating out at? Or what type of food do you like to eat out? Please share in the comments below.

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