Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Barbie and I’ve been writing in this space for over 12 years. That’s like a life time for most bloggers. It’s been an exciting journey and I’ve been blessed to meet so many beautiful hearts on line who I am honored to call friends.  But it’s also been a hard journey, one of pouring forth from an aching heart and yet still trying to hide the raw and real parts of me that fear exposure.

I’ve been through countless blog designs and each one fit a different season of my journey. Just when I became comfortable with a beautiful new space, God whispered to my heart to pull back. And in that season of pulling back, it became harder to write. No matter how much I tried, the words would not come. And soon, I found myself lacking the desire to write altogether, but missing it tremendously at the same time.

What came out of a season of stillness was a desire to simplify this space, one where the whispers of God would be heard loudly, and where the wandering heart could come and find strength, comfort and encouragement.  Let’s wander towards that together, friends, and share life!

InstaYum Recipes with Barbie Swihart

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