Today I’m writing with the Five Minute Friday community, on a Tuesday. What can I say, life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Today we are writing on the word prompt “Once”.

Once upon a time there was a woman who started a blog. For over 12 years she wrote and encouraged other women in their walk with the Lord. She wrote 3-4 times a week, hosted link parties and spent hours each week reading comments and visiting other blogs. She even self-published a book which was a huge accomplishment.

Over the last few years though, this women grew weary of writing. She hit some spiritual bumps in the road and had to step way back in order to gain some perspective about her life’s purpose and healing for her broken heart. She missed sharing her life with others, and tried to say connected with those she had grown to know and love for so many years.

A couple of months ago this woman decided it was time to begin sharing her heart again. Even though her blogs may look different (not so spiritually focused, although God is always in the center), she decided to take a leap and begin a brand new blog.

Once she made this decision, the woman deleted her old blog. Yep, she did that thing they say never to do! She decided that she wanted to start with a clean slate. Even though she didn’t know who was still “following her”, she hoped whatever she shared would be a blessing a bring a smile to someone’s face.

If you are visiting here, I am so thankful for you and I am looking forward to getting to know you more. If you’ve been around the blog world with me in the past thank you for hanging in there with me.


I have had my fair share of arguments in my life time. I often come face to face with someone who does not see things as I do and instead of agreeing to disagree and walking away in love, I end up saying things I wish you could take back later.

Hasn’t this world, especially over this last year, experienced it’s fair share of arguments? Hatred is spewed all over social media and sides are taken. You better have all your best responses lined up if you decide to share your opinion about all sorts of things.

I’ve seen Christians attacking other Christians — this one claiming to be right; the other not backing down and refusing to hear the other side. Is this what Christ would want? To see His people arguing and spewing hatred of one another, all for a difference of opinion? I think not.

Why can’t we love one another — really love one another. We are not going to agree, even among the Christian community. But can we give grace and lend our ear to hear another’s story? Can we agree do disagree and still show love and respect for one another?

Arguing will get us nowhere. Matter of fact, it’s done a lot of damage on so many levels. It’s time to truly be Christlike and walk in love, knowing we will have disagreements, but believing that God will work it all out for His good.

The next time you are faced with a difference of opinion, instead of allowing yourself to get into a heated argument, let the other person know you hear them, that their opinion is valid and that you respect their point of view. We do not have to agree, but we are called to show love no matter what.


I’ve found myself in a predicament as I am a day behind in my posting.

On Monday while at work I noticed a rash on my forearms, which had spread to my legs, stomach, face and hands by the time I got home. My mind was racing, “What could this be?” I went to bed but as soon as I got up to go to work on Tuesday, I immediately sought out Google for the source of this predicament.

While on Google, I came across an article where some people presented with a rash and had tested positive for COVID. No! It couldn’t be. I didn’t want COVID, and I couldn’t be out of the office just as tax season was beginning.

I immediately contacted my doctor to share my predicament. While she was encouraging, she was cautious as she asked me to drive to the Kaiser COVID testing lot and get a test.

That was quite an ordeal. I don’t know if you’ve had a COVID test, but it hurt! I mean, my eyes were tearing up by the time I left and my nose was sore. But I got the test, prayed that all would be well and went home.

I was fortunate to have been able to remote in to my work computer and handle some things for the office over the last day and a half.

My COVID test returned negative, of which I am truly thankful. I still find myself in an itchy predicament with this rash, but at least I know it’s nothing serious.

What predicament have you found yourself in lately?