I’ve found myself in a predicament as I am a day behind in my posting.

On Monday while at work I noticed a rash on my forearms, which had spread to my legs, stomach, face and hands by the time I got home. My mind was racing, “What could this be?” I went to bed but as soon as I got up to go to work on Tuesday, I immediately sought out Google for the source of this predicament.

While on Google, I came across an article where some people presented with a rash and had tested positive for COVID. No! It couldn’t be. I didn’t want COVID, and I couldn’t be out of the office just as tax season was beginning.

I immediately contacted my doctor to share my predicament. While she was encouraging, she was cautious as she asked me to drive to the Kaiser COVID testing lot and get a test.

That was quite an ordeal. I don’t know if you’ve had a COVID test, but it hurt! I mean, my eyes were tearing up by the time I left and my nose was sore. But I got the test, prayed that all would be well and went home.

I was fortunate to have been able to remote in to my work computer and handle some things for the office over the last day and a half.

My COVID test returned negative, of which I am truly thankful. I still find myself in an itchy predicament with this rash, but at least I know it’s nothing serious.

What predicament have you found yourself in lately?

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