I have had my fair share of arguments in my life time. I often come face to face with someone who does not see things as I do and instead of agreeing to disagree and walking away in love, I end up saying things I wish you could take back later.

Hasn’t this world, especially over this last year, experienced it’s fair share of arguments? Hatred is spewed all over social media and sides are taken. You better have all your best responses lined up if you decide to share your opinion about all sorts of things.

I’ve seen Christians attacking other Christians — this one claiming to be right; the other not backing down and refusing to hear the other side. Is this what Christ would want? To see His people arguing and spewing hatred of one another, all for a difference of opinion? I think not.

Why can’t we love one another — really love one another. We are not going to agree, even among the Christian community. But can we give grace and lend our ear to hear another’s story? Can we agree do disagree and still show love and respect for one another?

Arguing will get us nowhere. Matter of fact, it’s done a lot of damage on so many levels. It’s time to truly be Christlike and walk in love, knowing we will have disagreements, but believing that God will work it all out for His good.

The next time you are faced with a difference of opinion, instead of allowing yourself to get into a heated argument, let the other person know you hear them, that their opinion is valid and that you respect their point of view. We do not have to agree, but we are called to show love no matter what.

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