I’ve been lacking in enthusiasm lately.

enthusiasm = strong excitement about something : a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy. : something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest

For me, writing was always something I enjoyed. I loved visiting my online space over the past 10+ years and connecting with other writers. I loved visiting their blogs and encouraging them and being an active part of their community. Writing excited me.

Over the past few years I have felt that excitement waning. I’ve had to search deep in my soul and ask God and myself why. I have found that it’s not because the enthusiasm for writing had ever left. It is because I have allowed the weight of the world and past disappointments to rob me of the joy of writing.

Resurrecting a blog that has been in hibernation mode is hard work. I’m not the same person I was when I began blogging 13 years ago. I want this space to be more of a lifestyle blog and not just inspirational. Letting go and moving on his hard, but I am slowly beginning to feel enthusiastic about my new space and my decision to leave the former things behind and start fresh.

I am hopeful this writing challenge will help me find my way, and my enthusiasm again.

3 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

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